Anyone tried using delay spray/duration gel to focus on your p spot?

Hey fellow Aneros enthusiasts,

I first started using Aneros products about 7 yrs ago and have amassed a bit of a collection. Have always loved the products and intense sensations they bring. I’ve gotten really good at knowing my body and what I’m feeling, and in fact I now have a mind blowingly awesome hands free orgasm every session. The kicker is, its always a full penile orgasm/session ender, not the elusive prostate/super orgasms which first lured me in. Its like just as things start to get really good I look down and I’m blowing my whole load.

I do feel a lot of penile stimulation during my sessions, and I’m considering getting one of those delay spray numbing gel products to help. In theory I feel like if I make the pleasure in my cock less intense I’ll be able to better focus on whats happening inside me. Has anyone else had a similar experience w Aneros/tried anything similar? Seems like a decent idea to me but I also don’t want to spend too much more on butt toy related stuff that I already have lol.



  1. I haven’t but this is something that I thought about doing while I was trying to get there and looking back (having eventually got it down) I still can’t come up with a reason why a gel or sense reduction spray wouldn’t be helpful for the same reasons that you’re describing other than that you just have to be really careful not to get anything in or on your ass.

    E: I skimmed your first paragraph the first time but on rereading I hope this helps as well. The only way that you’re gonna get there with your prostate is if you start to interpret the sensations you feel different. As a guy, when you start masturbating and having sex your brain begins to associate doing a thing with positive sensation. Aka, effort during sex = pleasure. If you look back at your experience with your prostate toys, odds are the first thing you started looking for was how to get it to move so you could feel that. If you’re looking for that kind of sensation you’re not really “activating” your prostate, you’re just trying to find some sense of penile stimulating but in your ass and it’s just not gonna work, you’re just gonna contribute to your penile orgasm because you’re looking for things to contribute to it.

    The trick is to realize what women (and a pretty high number of gay men on this sub which makes sense) have always known which is that passively receiving sensation is amazing too. Not better, not worse, it’s a different sensation, but it feels good. A lot of dudes end up being more submissive to get into that head space but I think that’s and overcorrection and I hope by breaking it down a little I can help explain a bit better. The issues is most people are trying to “find” sensation BUT the problem is, right there, I used the word find, which is an action and if you catch yourself ACTIVELY searching/actively doing anything (yes the thing you’re doing is in your head, but you’re doing instead of just receiving) you’re already in the wrong headspace to start building up sensation. You have to be passive with it, you don’t look for it, it’s just there being given to you. (I found success actually repeating things more or less along those lines to myself during sessions)

    Anyway I hope that helps some!

  2. I’ve actually done this.

    Aspercreme has a lidocaine version that doesn’t have menthol or any Icy/Heat sensations to go with it.

    That said, it does not make you cum any faster.

    All it does is remove the temptation of your erection. I use it mostly as a Temporary chemical castration of sorts because Chastity cages don’t really work on me.

    And even then you can still get hard during this time though it takes considerably more effort to sustain it and cum from jerking off.

    But if you’re ejaculating from anal penetration then you should still be able to orgasm afterwards. It’s never stopped me.

    I might suggest ruining your manual orgasms for awhile while using the Aneros and not to see if you can break your mental connection between orgasm and ejaculation.

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