How to prevent shit getting on your aneros?

I was aroused, I was feeling my aneros on my prostate, I was enjoying it and then shit was on my aneros and the mood went down. It’s not the first it has happened to me and it’s one of the reasons I haven’t reached my first super-o. Before starting my sessions I always clean my ass with tap water in an enema until the water comes out clear, but however then some shit come out in my sessions. Just in case, my lube doesn’t have glicerin. Thanks in advance.



  1. As hellenbach mentioned, a condom is the way to go. I, too, would be grossed out by the Aneros with fecal matter yet the condom alleviated all that quite nicely.

  2. Buy a shower enema from Amazon and clean out real good first then have all the fun you want without the mess

  3. Get yourself fiber supplements (Metamucil), it will make that everything that leaves your body, does it in a single piece, douching will be a breeze, and you will never see any mood killing stuff over anything that goes inside you.

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