“Meet The SGX (Again)!”

I probably have not used my SGX Classic in a year. The SGX is the smaller version of the MGX Classic and it is no longer offered by Aneros. I decided that the time was right for a session; the SGX was the massager of choice.

I lubed-up the SGX with SSG. I did not pre-lube for this session but that was okay. One think I like about the SGX (and the MGX) is the ribbed anal stem which provides a distinctive level of anal pleasure with each contraction. In spite of its small size, I knew that my prostate was being adequately engaged.

Almost right from the start of this 25-minute session, I began to experience an erection while wearing my XO ‘chastity cup’. I definitely had some ‘pumping’ action going on during this session which I could feel. I did quite a bit of low-grade moaning too. Being still in SR and NoFap ® I would consider this to be a therapeutic prostate-massage. About mid-way through the session, I removed the cup and just observed the nice amount of fluid emanating from my cock. After a while, I felt that this session was winding-down to a conclusion and I was quite satisfied with the feeling. As I have noted before, I now will be entering a ‘pseudo refractory period’ of about 1-2 hours during which time I will generally not be experiencing any erection or feeling of arousal.

The SGX is an able performer in the Aneros lineup. I am certainly glad it is in my collection! Touche’.


PS Here is the “official” description of the SGX Classic (from the Aneros website):

“The SGX is our smallest model. It was originally developed for the Asian market and is geared towards men 5’6” and shorter,
but this does not mean that our other models would be too large. Like the MGX, it has a balanced head and ribbed stem with a
thick, standard perineum tab. The SGX is for men of all experience levels, but users getting good results from the SGX will want to
move to a larger model. Due to its smaller size, it may be a good starter model for men apprehensive about prostate stimulation.”


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/meet-the-sgx/