subtleties of prostate stimulation

New tools teaching me the intricacies and subtleties.

In my last blog post I mentioned getting some new pleasure tools. I have been having lots of fun with the Njoy large plug. this thing just sits on my prostate giving me the pressure I require without interaction since I’m a do nothing guy (but that is now changing because of these new tools) inducing some wonderful feeling orgasms. These ‘o’s are different but also the same from the ones I experienced from using an aneros product. I also love the fact that I can join in the am and go about my day feeling a constant stimulation of my anal canal and lower prostate area, gets me and keeps me aroused almost the entire time I’m moving.

I think the biggest take back is since these new tools are so unforgiving on the body if used to aggressively, I am really starting to become more mindful of the subtlety of prostate massage. When using any of my lovers and doing clenching (kegels or some type of muscular interaction) I would get overzealous without even knowing it thus chasing away the pleasure I was seeking because I had no feed back if you will, I couldn’t feel it moving inside me until an orgasm had started. Using the new tools force me to pay more attention to what and when I actively do something since I got overzealous one time using the Pfun and became fairly sore. The large seems to return a light feed back to me letting me learn the light touch required.

If I want to get my work out, I will flip the large to point to my spine to prevent kegels or isolation training from driving the head into my prostate causing any pain or soreness.

last night after work (just after midnight actually) I decided to try joining up with the Pfun again after my shower. Oh my! This new learning is working. I got into a soothing rhythm and relaxation when the tingling started to touch my entire body. I could feel this thing slowly moving into me deeper and nestling into place where it should be without pain or discomfort, something I previously was unable to do. I reached around and found it to be buried down to the handle fully, kissing my prostate so smoothly and gently. I was ever so slightly flexing my sphincter causing the tool to rise and fall. I could feel the head gliding along the length of my prostate, feeling like it was going from the very bottom to the top. I became so incredibly mindful of this that I started to also sense the internal muscles kneading the body of the tool deep within. after about 15 minutes I stopped moving and was pleasantly surprised to feel my body continue to move this super heavy tool compared to an aneros tool. My cock started to swell, than my prostate and the wonderful tingle surged in strength. The orgasm didn’t last long but it was wonderful and calming.

I decided to take a ride this afternoon with the large. I joined up before going out to do my errands and spent several hours enjoying the tapping and swiping against my prostate while walking. When she went to take her daily nap I got on the couch and started to meditate and quickly fell into that mindful point where I could feel the big bulbous head pressing and sliding within me and was given 3 or 4 orgasms in about 30 minutes. I say 3 or 4 because I’m unsure if it was a pause or a valley between peaks. This was wonderful not because I got to the orgasm level but the fact that it was in the afternoon and not in the bed.

I haven’t abandoned the aneros products, I still use them but I think these new tools are a good addition to the stable of lovers I join with.