“After All, It’s Just For Prostate Therapy!”

I am only at Day 2 of SR but at Day 80 of NoFap ® PMO. Last night, before retiring for bed, I had a strong urge to “sleep” in one of my ‘chastity cups’. So I selected my XO ProCup and nestled-in; so relaxing and comforting! During the night, as I expected, I felt the distinct pressure of the NPT erections against the cup. But I remained in chastity and slept comfortably through the night.

Earlier this morning, I awoke and upon visiting the lavatory, I had a symptom or two of BPH: start & stop stream and a somewhat weak stream. I think I ‘visited’ about three times quickly in succession. I checked and it had been 5 days since my last ‘therapeutic’ prostate massage session, so I knew it was time.

I selected my Helix-Trident for this session and lubed-up with SSG. I went to lie-down on my side and just relax. I knew the Helix was contacting my prostate right from the start and I began to experience some involuntary contractions. I did a couple of strong anal/PC contractions and could definitely feel its effect. At one point, my entire body reacted with a strong, explosive contraction. I honestly didn’t feel any erections building, but I knew that this ‘therapy’ was going to be effective.

It is always amazing to me that the passage of time seems to go very quickly when I choose the Helix-Trident. Before I knew it, this session lasted a full 25 minutes! Before I ended it, I wanted to perform a series of strong contractions as recommended by HIH. So I did them and really felt it in my satisfied prostate! I know that I had done my part for prostate therapy with this session!


Comment on NoFap ® Flatline
I believe I still am in a somewhat ‘Flatline’ period of NoFap. That’s okay, however. Some days, I seem to have zero libido but that all changes at night with the NPTs. Just yesterday at night, I had the strongest erections while wearing my Shock Doctor cup and at one point I felt ‘this-close’ to an ejaculation (like a waking wet-dream)! I honestly couldn’t take it any more (being at Day 8 of SR) and so I quickly rubbed-one out. These ejaculations for me are to control my blue-balls and so I don’t feel like I need to reset the PMO calendar. Porn is still very much off-limits for me all the time now.

But one thing I am noticing is that my mental state seems to be changing with regards to sex. With porn out of my mind, I am able to concentrate on sexual things but within the right context. One thing I discovered is that, regardless of what we do, we males have an ultimate purpose. So whether we choose masturbation, prostate massage, or even old-fashioned sex, we are designed to ejaculate and so we must. In the extreme, we will experience wet dreams for that release. By keeping this ‘purpose’ in mind, it can make for a renewed, rewarding life experience, even at my age (I just turned 68!) Our life’s purpose does not shut-down just because of our age! Perhaps women, after they reach menopause age, may slow-down sexually but we males seem to retain that inner sex drive that is our birthright! And thank goodness for that!! Touche’.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/after-all-its-just-for-prostate-therapy/