No Luck So Far- What Now?

I’ve been trying the Helix Syn circa last September, and I have to admit, I’m starting to get rather discouraged. In the past, when I’ve browsed for advice, I mostly come across reports of “enjoying the sensations until it happens”, or “imagine a fantasy, and pay attention to the sensations beyond the gentials, that occur.” Problem is, I haven’t felt much of anything with the helix syn, and haven’t noticed any sensations when aroused, outside of my genitals. I’m getting a little disenfranchised here…



  1. I’ve been trying since 2017 on and off and so far I feel sensations equivalent to almost reaching the point of orgasm but not actually able to go farther than that. I’ve tried doing kegels with it in, do nothing, on my back on my stomach on my side and nothing really changes. I find that I get the most sensations if I go a few days without cumming and then having an aneros session

  2. Try making this post on the Aneros forums. There are posters there that will be able to give you advice. If you literally get no good feelings so far that’s kind of strange so I’m not sure what advice I could give you that you haven’t already heard.

    I have a feeling that there are sensations there that you’re not tuned into yet. I guess the rewiring process is particularly tough for you. I promise you it’s really really worth it to keep trying.

  3. I had the same experience until I put a vibrator on the Helix. After a few times that seemed to “wake up” the nerve ending.

  4. Its not recommended, but I did a few stroke sessions with the toys inside.

    I did it deliberately, and not as a frustration of things not going well.

    I also planned other sessions to explore other things. One to just focus on how moving different muscles interplays with everything.

    As for position, I had read it wrong originally, so the first few months were not as good as later positions.

    For me, its being on my right side. Right leg straight. Left leg pulled up towards my chest. How much changes through the session. Also, sometimes Ill switch to half laying on my back, half on right side.

    I personally like some porn on, though what varies with mood. Sometimes dommy stuff, sometimes regular hardcore, even sometimes just softcore. Ironically most the pegging porn I find boring.

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