“I Just Put-On A Hard-Cup Jockstrap: What Next?”

Since its invention in 1927 in Canada, the hard-cup supporter is a vital piece of men’s protective gear for sports like baseball and hockey. The male groin protection the cup offers is invaluable in preventing groin injuries which not only can be painful, but physically and sexually incapacitating for the male. So, baseball and hockey players, among others, regularly put-on their ‘cups’ as part of their uniform. There is not a second thought why. Just look at some videos of guys not wearing cups getting hit by a hard projectile. Not a pretty sight.

Is there another use for a hard-cup jockstrap? Most certainly, I say. Let me explain…..

Use In Chastity
The hard-cup jockstrap can become an instant aid in preventing masturbation for a male. The protective hard-cup becomes a barrier between a man’s penis, testicles and his hands. While wearing a hard-cup and jockstrap, a man is incapable of pleasuring himself to an ejaculation.

I subscribe to NoFap ® PMO, which means that I abstain from porn, masturbation and orgasm (ejaculation). I make an exception due to my tendency to develop ‘blue-balls’ while practicing extended semen retention (SR). But for the most part, I comply with the ‘rules of the game’.

A side-benefit of wearing a hard-cup is owed to the very design of the cup. The cup is anatomically-designed to cradle a man’s penis and testicles and the newer ‘banana cups’ also wrap under the perineum, thereby protecting that area from an inadvertent impact from a baseball, a hockey puck or a kick.

But in the process of protection, another facet arises: sexual stimulation. Wearing a hard-cup and jockstrap, at least for me, is very sexually exciting. It is unlikely that I will not develop an erection or two while wearing one. And that is also a side-benefit of wearing one for chastity.

The night-time erections which all healthy men experience are called NPTs, which stand for Nocturnal penile Tumescence erections. There can be anywhere from 5 to 7 erection nightly, each one lasting perhaps 40 minutes or so. I can awaken at night during one or more of these erections and I find them to be detrimental to my practices of SR and NoFap®. So to prevent me from an inadvertent ejaculation, I find it most helpful to put-on a jockstrap with a hard cup sometime during the night. A regular jockstrap will not work. The soft, flexible pouch feels good but does not offer protection from my probing hands. In short, it is too easy to ejaculate while wearing one.

Grades Of Chastity
There are many different brands of hard-cup supporters. The design of the cups can vary: the traditional ‘Bike’ style cups and the newer ‘Shock Doctor’ style banana-cups. The banana cups seem to be more common and popular today. They are designed to allow more room for a guy’s package, although they do create a bigger ‘bulge’. I find that most of the banana cups I own can accommodate my erection reasonably well.

Among the specially-designed jockstraps for hard cups, some fit tighter than others. For example, my Shock Doctor ‘227’ jockstrap with the Ultra Pro Carbon Cup fits the tightest to my package and I suppose that, by design, that is the way it is supposed to feel. Others, like the Mueller FlexShield cup and the XO ProCup are hard banana cups but their mating jocks fit a bit looser. My Safe-T-Gard strap with Cage Cup fits looser still. The feeling is entirely a personal thing. If I were wearing a cup for sports, I would probably opt for a Shock Doctor for the fit. However, for chastity use, another cup/supporter such as Mueller would also suffice. It would serve its purpose yet not feel too restrictive around my male package. Some days, like today, however, I just ‘feel the need’ for a tighter fit and so I opted for my SD jock.

It would seem that the groin-cup/jockstrap combo has a dual-existence. One is the obvious one: to provide protection to the vital male sex organs of athletes. The other may not be as obvious: to prevent a guy from gaining access to his sexual organs for pleasure and ultimately, ejaculation. Both choices (IMHO) are valid reasons to choose to wear one. Your choice. Touche’.


PS I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the helpful and friendly ‘advice’ and support of @BigGlansDC in the use of hard cups and jockstraps for our non-athletic endeavors.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/i-just-put-on-a-hard-cup-jockstrap-what-next/