Finally getting somewhere

Had a session tonight and idk what I did differently but I did my usual routine with aneros, I just put it in, on my back knees bent and put on some porn. After a bit of kegels to get movement going I started to feel the feeling like I was going to cum hands free but it never came and I kind of stopped chasing after it if you will and just enjoyed it. It just kept building and building when finally my legs started feeling tingly and warm and it spread down my arms all while I was having this intense feeling like I reached orgasm but with more pleasure.

After maybe 20 seconds it went away and yet I could still feel that pleasure waiting to build up again this time though it was a dud and nothing happened. It didn’t feel like a jaw dropping body convulsing orgasm like people say in here but it felt like a stronger regular penile orgasm. Not sure if that was it or it was just a p-wave or whatever it’s called but I can’t wait to try again tomorrow



  1. You’re getting there. I can only recommend that you keep playing. I spent the first 2 1/2 years enjoying every moment, but kind of resigned to thinking I’d never get to a big one or even a medium PO. I have to give Reddit some credit. Hey that rhymed. Looking through these posts helped me realize I was in the same boat with many and our break throughs would happen. I can’t really put my finger on when things changed but I’ll leave you with this. I will have dozens of POs in an hour to hour and a half session. I start having mild ones when I am simply sticking in a finger to get me lubed up. And It still keeps getting better. I’m always feeling new sensations. Once your body is trained and your mind will let you relax, enjoy and let it happen, that’s when the good stuff starts.
    If you haven’t check out r/prostateplay check it out. Some good information from those who have had their breakthrough. Keep playing and enjoy

  2. Sounds like some strong p waves or a mini o. Definitely getting there.
    I try not to chase it. I try and let it find me.
    Good luck

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