Regular masturbation with the Aneros can delay my progress?

Looking for advice on the title specially, but let me tell you everything.

I’ve been using the Helix Syn for about 5 months so far, and it feels pretty good. It takes me a while for it to be really good, but it does eventually, and my sessions tend to last about 2 to 3 hours. Nothing out of the world or a lack of control over my body, just a general good feeling. At the end of the session, however, things tend to die down and inevitably I end it with regular masturbation. Not much of it, about 5 to 10 strokes is enough to get me cumming, but I need to finish myself off by hand anyway. This has been the “routine” for about the past month.

So. Would it be better to just not cum until I can do it hands-free? I’m trying to do it, but often it’s too easy to just stroke myself out. Would it be better to remove the Syn before I can do that? Am I screwing myself out of a hands-free orgasm by doing this?


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  1. Why not go a week without ending sessions this way and see? Semen retention is almost always recommended as a way to enhance your sessions, and it’s certainly done that for me, though I also 100% understand the urge to reach a climax in a session through whatever means necessary. What I’ve found for myself though is that taking my Aneros out pretty much puts an end to the night’s festivities no matter how the session panned out (unless I’m switching to another toy), as even in my fairly early stages of prostate progression I’m very quick to associate my horniness as stemming from the prostate rather than the penis once a toy bumps up against it, and once that sensation leaves so does my horniness, if that makes any sense.

    But hey, maybe that’s not the case for you, try it out and see. There’s no golden brick road for this, just a field of leaves to turn over.

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