This is how I clean myself before an Aneros session…

It’s been a long time that feces had come up on my aneros, but for the first time I played completely clean. What I did different this time? Well, I will first tell you the wrong way.

I used to think that the more bottles of enema (with tap water) you empty on yourself the better, but it’s not. Because when you use so much water it goes to the sigmoid colon (look for a graphic online if you’re not familiar with the digestive system) so no matter what, if water gets there some will be held in there and then that shitty water will come up when having fun back there. When you have anal sex the penis just goes into the rectum (unless he has a macropenis) and that’s the only thing we need to clean. If a person has a healthy diet and eats enough fiber, it is possible that if he/she gets fucked nothing will come out, so that people just need to clean their anus.

I thought my daily fiber intake was good because I go to the bathroom everyday, so I tried playing without using enemas, but to my surprise shit came out and the mood went off again.

And after trial and error I played without surprises for the first time. If you don’t consume enough fiber you might have some shit left in your rectum. By inserting a finger (you can use a finger cover or a glove; if you go bare make sure your nails are trimmed) you can feel it (you can skip this step if you want to). If you have, use an enema (my bottle is 7.8oz) with tap water (don’t use the liquid that comes in the bottle). Don’t insert the whole tip (because you don’t want the water to go too high) and squeeze the bottle slowly, don’t do it hard for the same reason. And any shit left in your rectum will come out and that’s all you need. Make a test and insert a finger and you’re not gonna feel any shit left. If you have shit left do it again, but if you have something left you need to consume fiber supplements (Metamucil or generic versions for half or third of the price). In my case, one bottle is enough, so I guess if you need more you may have a risk of shit come out when playing. I started taking fiber supplements and it could also played a role in how easily clean I got. Another point to consider is that if your water lube has glicerin it stimulates bowel movement. I never used silicone lube because I was afraid it was hard to clean, but this last time I used a silicone one and it’s not hard to clean. I will never go back to water lube. Take in consideration if you’re using silicone toys you can’t use silicone lube. However, if you still prefer silicone you can put a condom on your toy.

Don’t hold the water in you. As soon you empty the enema in yourself, let the water go out.

It would be ideal to wait at least half an hour to insert your aneros after cleaning yourself.

If you don’t make #2 everyday I suggest you to have sessions just the days you go to the bathroom.

I just consume 5 generic Metamucil pills (I pour the powder in juice) the nights my poo (I always go to the bathroom in the mornings) wasn’t big enough. You may need more or none depending on your fiber intake based on your diet.

Enjoy!!! Hope I didn’t missed anything.


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