Aneros in while having sex?

I’ve had an aneros helix for a while. I’ve been close to a shaking full body feeling, but never achieved the super-o that everyone describes.

For the most part, it’s just sitting in my drawer. Been with my girlfriend for a while, and never really mentioned any anal play until the last week and she’s down. During foreplay she massaged my taint and lightly brushed my bunghole, and it really got me going.

I know the aneros is for a solo meditative session, but Has anyone had the aneros inserted during sex?



  1. Yes I have!!. When I’m on the bottom and she’s on top riding me cow girl style, I grind up… It is very explosive. As well, I will have it in and kneel on the floor at the end of the bed while going down on her while she lays on her back in front of me. While I am driving her crazy with my tongue, I’m busy driving myself crazy by clenching constantly at the same time. OMG so hot.

  2. Yes its amazing👍 My wife has warmed up to playing with my ass during foreplay and will insert the aneros in me. It makes for an explosive orgasm at the end of a slow handjob. Like the other post I also use it while I go down on her and then finish with PIV sex and the orgasms with the aneros in are intense.

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