Burning sensation

Hello. I bought aneros helix trident recently and had a few sessions with it. I noticed slight burning sensation when the largest part would go through my sphincter. Last night it was really bad it made me feel like I had a diarrhea.
I do have aneros eupho syn and use liquid silk lube. Never had this problem before. Any ideas what could be causing it? It seems it’s just too big for me

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/c6w72a/burning_sensation/


  1. It’s the glycerin in water-based lubes. You can find them glycerin-free, or switch to oil-based or silicone. If you use silicone, be careful not to use it with silicone toys to avoid the toy breaking down.

  2. Like others have said it’s probably the lube. I had one toy that stung only when it was used with a certain lube. But the toy and the lube never bothered me other times. I put a condom on the toy and used the same lube and it was fine.

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