Is this progress to the Super-O?

So I inserted my Aneros, and I followed these instructions here for the first time:

15-20 mins in I started dripping pre-cum. Then my dick got rock solid and it moved back and forth with the Aneros. I have been down this path before. Where I get too excited I think, or too fast according to the thread above and I have a HFWO (Hands Free Wet Orgasm).

I slowed down and went through the steps again, dick got more flaccid. Then I started to experience something I haven’t before yet. My whole body started to shake uncontrollably, I could feel warmth in my abdomen area and I think my prostate was pulsing. This lasted for a while but I didn’t get past this point. Then it happened again shorty after.

I had to wrap up the session cause I had other things to attend to, so I took out the Aneros and just masturbated my load out. I didn’t want my brain to associate that with my prostate so I took out the Aneros. Not sure if I should of ended in masturbation or not.

Is this progress?


2 comments on “Is this progress to the Super-O?

  1. It sounds to me like very close or 100% progress to super o. I have similar experiences. Body shaking and clenching, amazing pleasurable energies. I really can’t describe it. Keep it up!

  2. That sounds pretty good…I have been working on it for a while now. Masive amounts of leakage and some very nice feelings but no shaking, clinching or shuddering since the first penitration. But that first time is enough to keep me engaged for almost a year off and on.


    Keep working on it as it does seem to get better.

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