1. All orgasm are physically draining, orgasm means your body is at its peak contraction with pleasure basically. The stronger ur contractions the stronger your orgasm. However prostate orgasm usually leave u satisfied and happy, consider if you don’t ejaculate often. It leaves u with this sexual energy, even tho u may be physically drained, u are mentally charged. For me I’m kinda addicted to it so I may have over played regularly on long sessions and leave me physically exhausted, but I’m always mentally satisfied that will keep me going at everything I need done throughout the day, and usually the next day is like a new me, no hangover exhaustion. Ejaculation for some reason drains you physically and mentally,u can find the reason online anyways. Thats my experience.

  2. It really depends on how horny you are as a person or just how you feel. The first time I had a prostate orgasm, it felt extremely fulfilling and satisfying, I felt like after that orgasm there was no need for sexual pleasure anymore in my life, and I didn’t force myself to have another orgasm the following day or the next or the day after the next one, I wasn’t horny at all, I was satisfied. BUT, that last for about two weeks I guess, then I started to feel the “awakening” of my prostate, the sudden horniness, the sudden need to orgasm the only way a prostate orgasm feels, I felt how my prostate would contract during the day, I felt a permanent “buzz” around my anus and my perineum, like if my prostate was buzzing (I still feel it buzz and contract when I’m horny), my cock was crazy, it would get hard then go soft, get hard again then soft, hard and soft, all day, I literally felt in heat, so, I gave myself another prostate orgasm, it felt just as fulfilling and satisfying as the first one, with the difference that I felt that I wanted more of it, and it is still like that, I mean, yes after an orgasm or some of them I feel tired but not less eager to have more of them, if there wasn’t a thing as “getting physically tired” I would have orgasms permanently, and that tiredness last for just a couple of hours or less, then I’m horny again, but I guess that’s just how I am.

    PD: I should add that I don’t touch my penis and that my orgasms (prostate orgasms) are wet, I ejaculate

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