Sucessful with super o but need help

Hi guys I am finally successful with hands free super o after 9 months of manual super o. I body would shake vigorously like it contorts as if I’m being possessed, that’s all fine but I notice when the pleasure sometimes built up to a exploding point then it just disappeared, and my body would still keep shaking and contorting as if it’s trying hard to feel the pleasure that’s so within reach. i think the aneros may be too long for me and it’s not really hitting my prostate directly during hands free, if I manually pull it out a little or angle it so that it points towards my dick more, the pleasure would come back and last longer and trigger another super o, but it’s hard to keep the aneros angled with my hand while I’m shaking like a maniac. Anyone experience this problem? My prostate is only 2 knuckles deep and the aneros seems to be too long… Thanks for reading


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  1. I read online somewhere that some guy put a cotton ball on the perineum tab because it was giving him too much pressure. I folded up a rag and put it between the two one time, and it was directly on my doorbell, and it started to ring. I could feel instant contact. And I was getting a ton of p-waves

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