The intensity is sooooo extreme

I marvel everytime at the intense pleasure one little organ can generate. It is a magical amount of exquisite pleasure.

So yesterday I woke up and got my haircut. Ran a few errands, cleaned up the house and then when all was said and done crashed on the couch. My buddy in my butt started to tingle a little. So I went and got the helix syn trident and stuck it in. Wasnt too long before the waves started to crash all over me. These were short bursts and I could still feel there was some tenseness about me. I got up and grabbed the vape pen. Took a few pulls and within a minute my entire body relaxed.

It started like a lit a small match. The flame just kept growing and growing. The next 3 hours I had about twelve 10+ minute super Os each one of them built off of the previous one. All very intense. Cock was hard as a diamond. Nipples felt super sensitive. My balls felt big and full and like a soft breeze was swirling around them.

I then took out the aneros. It was practically dry. I cleaned it up and put it away. I went to lay down again and almost instantly I was hit with another super-O via aless. This one was one of thode trap super-Os that basically I had no control over. It turned into a feedback loop based on my breathing. I could feel my anal wall massaging my prostate ever so gently. It was pure euphoria. That orgasmic energy was warm and it went from my groin up my spine and into my head with a level of raw power and it was locked into this process. I started to shake and moan as my breathing go harder. I lightly rubbed my nipples through my shirt and that made things so intense my abs seized up. This went on for 2 more hours until I felt I had had enough.