Erection problem

Whenever I use aneros I get a lot of erections, they happen when I start feeling p-waves. They wouldn’t bother me but it seems like erection near pc muscles doesn’t fully allow me to control them and I am unable to increase the pleasure. I think the p-tab might also be constricted by firming up of penis base.
Anyone have/had this problem and know if that’s normal or is there something I can do about it?



  1. Generally while I have aneros or other prostate massager into my ass I have not erection. I feel anal (prostate) stlimulation and this time my penis is flaccid. When I take aneros off and go into penile stimulation I have good erection. For me this is like your situation and for me this is normal

  2. I have this problem but in my experience I usually feel the most pleasure when I have these rock hard erections

  3. Same I found the hard-on is actually a super turn on and it sends this pleasure to ur penis too when ur pc clenchs involuntarily.

  4. Sometimes I take a sock or underwear and put it between the P tab and my body because the friction of it is distracting to me sometimes. If it is taking me a while to build up the P tab can get irritating but it’s a necessary part of the process. I’ve read about guys cutting it off. Don’t do that. It’s needed. I find that a thin layer of something helps because it keeps the mechanical action but softens and widens the contact of the tab. During extended sessions I have found that it interferes with the blood flow down there. That’s when I figured out the cloth layer between. I have problems getting erections but I have read that they assist with reaching the wave point.

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