introduction, my journey so far –

Greetings aneros community. I’ve been wanting to tell ‘someone’ about the revolution I’m experiencing. I’m a mid 60’s hetero dude who’s been enjoying the most amazing adventure for the past few months.

I’m PO/MMO experienced & enjoy great muscle control so I’m now getting MMO’s and SO’s most every session. I’ve reached point that I was looking for an ‘advanced’ forum. This looks like the closest way available to communicate with like minded/experienced aneros users.

I’ve been experimenting with prostate play for a couple of years, starting with a nexus revo. I was able to enjoy a few sessions in which I reached a few dry orgasms (lots of prostatic fluid but no semen) after many hours of experimenting. Constantly reaching for ‘more’, I’ve experimented with _numerous_ devices for prostate massage. I always thought the aneros stuff I read was overblown & just couldn’t really be true, until ~2 months ago. Out of sheer curiosity, I bought a helix classic — *WOW*.

Due to my experience, the helix introduced me to serious MMOs with numerous dry orgasms the FIRST session. I officially fell deeply in lust with her (the helix), expressing my love for her during the afterglow of that session while she was still teasing… I learned “hmmm – this stuff is real!”. This began the revolution in my life. The eupho is just another step in my journey and latest addition to my now rapidly growing collection.

Every week it seems I experience a new type of pleasure, there are so many parts of this that change. For example; last week in the middle of a session of several dry O’s and a superO, I was concentrating on relaxing and breathing, successful at both and _very_ relaxed (highly aroused but no contractions, just a swollen trembling/fluttering prostate) when suddenly, out of nowhere, the mother of all contractions literally slammed into my being.

I was instantly transported out of this universe as my entire body contracted into a fetal position tightly wrapped with my arms squeezing, fists and toes clenched tightly. The contraction felt like a nuclear bomb level orgasmic explosion but then continued, unabated for 60 – 90 seconds! I remained frozen (shaking) with every single muscle in my body contracted tightly the entire time. Time stood still for what seemed like forever in nirvana while I soared through unimaginable pleasure that continually got better.

At some point the constant increasing pleasure peaked as the end of the explosion and peak of the contraction all ‘came’ together. I gasped my first breath in a while, my body opened up relaxing just a bit and shook and writhed as I enjoyed the remainder of the SuperO with ‘normal’ scream inducing contractions, pulsing in orgasmic rhythm for several more minutes.

This was one of many sessions in which I’ve had a brief thought that ‘I may not survive this’. That thought seems to be a regular occurrence of this new revolution. That, and I keep getting interrupted and distracted by the pesky and irritating need to breathe.

This is only one of the many new experiences/orgasms/sessions I’ve enjoyed. I regularly ‘come to’ at the end of a session in awe at the extreme intensity and pleasure I’ve just enjoyed. I always think “AMAZING”, I really wish I could tell someone about this”. Each orgasm seems to have its own unique personality.

Typically my sessions are recorded both audio and heart rate. The heart rate is displayed on a graph of pulse rate over time. This is how I know exactly how long an event lasts. It’s a really cool picture of every orgasm in every session. BTW, eyes closed listening to last night’s orgasms is a GREAT warmup to another fireworks show…

If this community receives my blog posts favorably, there’ll be many more to cum…