1. that’s a personal thing, each of us are a little different. many of us find reducing or eliminating playing with our dicks counterproductive to a sissygasm. personally i can do both, but i cum much easier and much harder after a few weeks of denial. i’ve never felt the need to stop enjoying my cock.

    it took me years of on and off playing to get there though. i think, at least for me it was a mental block. i needed to relax and accept myself feeling that way. it helped after i’d had some real dick in me.

    i too get that “need to pee” sensation, and i think that was holding me back for awhile. so far i haven’t actually pissed while cumming or trying to cum, but stopping to go pee resets a lot of the effort so i just roll with it and accept that someday i may piss everywhere.

    i think being comfortable and allowing yourself is key to getting there.

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