Trying again

I haven’t had much luck in the past, I usually lie there for 30min to an hour and nothing happens and i think i’m doing it right cause i can flex my PC muscle and stuff but i guess I’ve never had much luck finding my prostate even with my fingers.

Going to try again and would you say it s better to not have jerked off for a few days and be horny or does it not matter?



  1. Try some different things, belly breathing, pillow under lower back/ass, legs up against a wall, knees bent, 1 leg bent up…

  2. Sometimes you may need to take a break. I have had success but in varying amounts. One point I’ve seen stressed that I will verify is that your anal contraction need to be light. You want almost a phantom touch. Breathing helps but so does relaxing your body which isn’t easy if you are contracting/flexing your sphincter. As MeisYeti said, change up your position I usually start on my right side with my left leg over the right and bent at the knee. Sometimes I use a body pillow and other times it’s better without. Zoxo said to focus on the rubbing to which I will add, let your touch be light and zone out so that *your brain associates anal contraction with something touching your prostate*. That is the key. Feel the muscular connection inside between prostate and anus. It’s actually something you’ve already felt but maybe not realized. Every time you have a regular ejaculation this same muscle is doing what we are trying to do with the Aneros but without the ejaculation. It is part of the mechanics of how that all works. The device was invented to help men strengthen that muscle to help them in their normal sex relations. It was by a fluke that people started figuring out that there was another use for it. I also believe that the way those patient/clients are instructed to use the Aneros is slightly different than the manner in which we use it.

    I also want to mention that you may need a longer or shorter Aneros. The options are limited but I have a variety and sometimes I need to change it up. One additional key is that it needs to move freely. Lube is your friend.

  3. I’ve had some luck by sitting on it and moving my hip back and forth. I start trembling and have difficulties controlling my back and forth hip movement and can’t go farther.

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