First time is a charm

Posting for other first timers….: it does not have to take months!!!

Lurking here for some time, married man with kids. I explored manually a few times but felt this was really not getting anywhere. Eventually I figured out that walking into a sex shop and buying an Aneros would probably be worth it and would certainly save me the embarrassment from receiving a « special package at home » that I can’t explain to anyone: it ain’t Christmas time yet. Went ahead did It. Also bought a douche following « unexpected results » after manual stimulation. I don’t have alone time often: 5 kids, one wife. But I did this weekend (with only the younger kids around, I waited until bed time). Timing seemed right.

Prepped, showered, and got started. First I put it in backwards and ended up stimulating opposite to the prostate but switched it. Not much although I could feel that there was something to be discovered. Not particularly exciting aside from the novelty and like many others, I am not into gay sex and I had to overcome the « shame ». Well, let me tell you, it was worth it.

What happened is that after 30 minutes I though this wasn’t working so I smoked some weed (legal here). Not much, just a few puffs. I don’t smoke often, only a few times a year. Went back to my room.

I was laying down on my back on a towel I had put on the bed. As I moved « up and down » (read so much about the come-hither motion tried to do that), I could not really feel anything very exciting aside from the fact that, yes, I was trying « something new ». Essentially by mistake, I moved my hips and butt sideways and it felt absolutely like « it ». You know that face your sexual partner makes when they go « Oh yeah keep going, that’s it! » ? That was me. And I did keep going. It was really really really good. I didn’t have a hardon (for some reason when I smoke that appears to be the case). I think that the small handle of the Aneros was rubbing slightly onto the towel and the material (you know that towel material with the tiny little loops?) rubbing translated into quick stimulation. Not sure. I started shaking and my body started moving by itself. That part was really really weird but felt great so what do I care? Two cases: on my back, feet only softly on the bed with legs bent, my body would provide stimulation naturally (spasms and shakes that would improve stimulation) other case was legs fully bent to my stomach, my body really was rocking back and forth (as if I was having sex but with another man). That second one felt awkward but again: I felt so good, why stop?

I stopped a few times to get a drink. I was absolutely dehydrated. When I put it back in, I started where I left off. Felt great.

I eventually stopped because I was afraid to injure something inside (my prostate started feeling different at some point). The whole thing lasted 3 hours from start to finish.

I know what I’m doing tonight for my last opportunity before my wife comes back. Will try without smoking.


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  1. I’m glad to hear you had success. Prostate stimulation is a different world than regular M/F vanilla sex. I am somewhere between gay and bi-freaky but I do understand men not wanting to cross a line that changes things, regardless of the reason. Stigma can be a pain and although I am who I am, I still prefer well defined roles for men and women for the continuity of civilization and our species.
    I suppose some guys worry that one day they will find themselves in a motel with a telephone pole up their ass, but perspective can and does change even if you are resolute in your life choices. Let me tell you, there is a lot more to biology than what you learn in biology/health class. My school had Sex Education class for 10th graders and there was nothing said about the prostate except the standard clinical information. Most men will never know nor believe what you have learned for yourself. Sad when you think about it from the Aneros perspective.

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