Prostate orgasm or not ?

Hi guys,last night i’m used the aneros practice contraction and relaxation.

In the process of had sexual excitation,will have something feel a little erection and want to ejaculation.

At the same time start playing my nipples,after a while the feel obvious about ejaculation more and more.

Maintain more than 1 minute or more the want to ejaculation feeling.

The body start involuntary trembling uncontrollable.

Take a break of minutes, repeat the same again contraction,relaxation and slightly touch the nipple.

Happen again want to ejaculate feeling continuede.

This feeling very comfortable, don’t want to stop.

Is this Prostate orgasm or not ?




  1. Sounds like you’re right on the edge having ‘dry orgasms’ where feel like ejaculate, butt not. Next time just relax and keep going! Let those hot feelings consume you, take over and to pure ecstasy. Happy Riding!

  2. Sounds similar to my experiences too. Takes lots of energy but seems to get better each time. I cant believe the amount of precum i can produce during these sessions. Pretty cool and lots of fun.

    Still waiting to push over the edge someday soon.

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