Blood in urine?

Has anyone experienced blood in their urine after ejaculation following aneros session?

My wife and I just had sex, me with aneros in sitting on couch and her riding reverse basically sitting on me. She is BBW and had all her weight down on me. After I felt urge to pee but couldn’t quite, tried to squeeze a drop when I noticed the blood.



  1. Never happened to me. Sounds like a lot of pressure to be sitting on the aneros, let alone with someone on top

  2. Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, this does not constitute medical advice.

    If you’ve had a lot of forceful pressure on your prostate it can sometimes cause bleeding in your urinary tract.

    This is a mild cause for concern. It’s a sign that you’ve gotten too rough with your toys and you need to dial it back.

    In my (singular) experience this only happened during the session/immediately following, and then I didn’t have any more bleeding. It was a few drops at most.

    If there seems to be more than a few drops, or if there’s blood next time you urinate, go to the hospital.

    If no reoccurrence, take a break from the anal play for a week or more to let your body heal itself. Learn from the experience.

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