Got the Super-O, I’m not doing this again(CPPS)…but here’s the link I read that got me there.

I started using the aneros because I had problems with my prostate and had CPPS. I read a few people with prostatitis use the aneros to massage the prostate and relax the surrounding muscles. At first it seems to help a good bit then I got a plateau of it not providing relief to my pain or helping me urinate less often. But I kept using it because I had some feelings that were extremely relaxing like I had taken a benzo.

I started to get a little bit confident that I could handle a supero so I tried going for it. Nothing I was trying was working until I read this thread yesterday and… it…happened… It was like nothing I’ve ever felt. It was extremely euphoric and I don’t remember anything except for the pleasure. Then the pain came in and that snapped me right out of it. Having really bad pain today and worse urination problems.

Best of luck to all you healthy people looking for it!


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  1. This is an important milestone and each session will be smoother than the last. The general opinion of the crowd here on this forum is that you can’t hurt yourself as long as you recognize your own pain and stop, which is sounds like you did. Good call on taking a break for a week or two. Let yourself recover fully, then try again. You will find that taking a break between successful sessions sometimes contributes as much to the learning process as the sessions themselves. Good luck.

    I would also recommend being very anal (hehe) about your personal hygiene after each session. Specifically washing the device itself and your hands meticulously with soap and water. Sorry if that seems super obvious or pedantic, but even very, very small mistakes in this area can cause problems like cramps or nausea or even headaches after a session.

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