Omg there was me thinking I know what I’m doing. Forget it now the fun has begun!

I was relaxed and thought hey I’m gonna get caged up and have areas through the Aneros forum. Read a few things about breathing techniques and very steady contractions.

So I thought I’m going to give them a try. Popped in my Helix as it’s nice small size and perfect for beginners, so perfect for going truly hands free. And tried out what I had read. And…. nothing…. theres a suprise. So I tried something else it said.

I laid there face down pillow to my chest and head turned off all distractions. Pitch black room complete silence and laid there doing absolutely nothing. The guide said for up to 30 mins however I actually dosed off but! Was then awoken by very gentle feeling inside. I really wouldn’t say anything significant but it was something without me forcing anything. Next I applied the deep gentle breathing techniques and gradually got this swelling feeling part of it was me trying to suddenly get hard in this cage but I could feel there was more and the more breaths I took the stronger it got until….. contraction. All by its self! I couldn’t believe what I was feeling I quickly grabbed my pillow and placed it under my lower back and kept the same breathing techniques and it happened again. I was trying to get more without actually doing anything so I literally imagined as the feeling was growing my prostate was swelling an my Aneros pressing inside me and when I twiched I picture it moving. Seems nuts but was actually really arousing. This kept going for around 30 mins. Build and a few contractions. It felt great. It’s no major story for the group by oh wow it’s big for me. I though I had made progress before, oh boy was it wrong I could feel this was really something. Infant wait tongonfor another ride who knows what nice time might bring?

But if you having zero progress I do recomened the technique of literally do nothing and see if something happends.

It was mentioned to being the “awakening phase” and you know what I think it’s actually on to something. So anyone who’s really struggling for a true hands free experience I recommend giving it a try. You never know it might just be what you need.

Good luck all!



  1. I’m 8mo in. Tried all the contraction exercises and the quick and dirty path. Got done decent feelings. But nothing to write about. Then I truly tried the do nothing. Omg. Beginnners. Give it a try. It’s a combo of do nothing and deep breathing.

    When I started to feel something though I don’t do nothing. I do extremely light contractions. Like less than 10% strength. And only PC. No anal muscles. I find I can coax the aneros along and soon after that massive p waves and a few mini os come. I haven’t had the big one yet but the true discovery of do nothing just started a week ago.

    I’m at a point now that I can’t wait to be alone and put it in. I’ve had 4 sessions. About 2hrs long each in the past week. 3 have resulted in some sheet clenching p waves and mini o’s.

    The progress is fun isn’t it?

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