Hands free wet orgasm

Hey all,

Any advice on how to stop having wet orgasms? I have been using the aneros for little over a year now. I do not touch my dick at all during sessions. And I can even receive pleasure without the toy inserted.

Wet orgasms are still pleasurable, but I was hoping to figure out the key to dry orgasms? Any advice would be much appreciated! I typically just do the “do nothing method.” Anyone else have this problem?


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/d68619/hands_free_wet_orgasm/


  1. Same with me. I can do a hands free orgasm through very tiny subtle contractions. But my Dick always gets hard as I approach orgasm and it’s always wet.

    The book Multiorgasmic Man says to clamp down on PC muscles and contract big muscles in that area to stop ejaculation but that seems like the opposite advice from the Aneros method. Also by the time I’m that close, I just can’t seem to do the clamping down in a way that works.

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