Body is heavily shaking, but no feelings of pleasure or bliss

Hi Guys , i need Some advice
Some months ago, I got my first Aneros Helix Syn. And I have been playing with it approximately once every week. Untill Now I’ve several times reached the point where my whole body was heavily shaking involuntarily as described by many guys as part of the Super O. So I’m pleased with that, however I have no pleasurable feelings when this occurs, no feelings of bliss. Will this grow in time, or am I something doing wrong?
Please advice.


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  1. My feelings of bliss occur during the buildup to my super O’s. I’m usually panting and heaving during the O’s.

  2. You know, very recently I was going through the exact same thing. My muscles were quaking and spasming, and my body ACTED like it felt something, but I felt no pleasure whatsoever. I was wondering if I came to an impasse.

    Honestly, I just kept at it; sure enough, the pleasure slowly started to come back, and intensify, and my body shaking toned down considerably. Still in that stage right now.

    I would have to guess that it’s all a part of the process (as the wiki states this sort of thing as a specific milestone). I think the brain is still trying to understand what these new sensations are, and while the body may react, the mind isn’t quite sure what to make of it.

    It took a handful of sessions for things to change, but I’d be willing to bet that within time the pleasure will slowly inch its way back.

  3. I’m experiencing exactly the same thing!

    I’m having some good feelings too, but they’re pretty mild.

    I talked about this in an earlier post; it’s almost like my body is reacting (shaking/spasming) to the toy, but my mind hasn’t fully tuned into the sensation…

    I always assumed that the shaking/spasms would be a milestone I reached a lot further down the line, but as a other people have mentioned; it’s not a linear progression.

    Guess we just have to relax, enjoy and keep at it!

  4. I’m not 100% sure so take this with a grain of salt. I used to have a lot of spasms and shaking during play. This lasted for a few months then stopped happening all together unless I’m at a peak orgasm. Now it’s just pure electricity and bliss in my prostate and my body doesn’t react as much anymore. My theory is that my body didn’t know what to do with the pleasurable feelings at first, which caused me to shake. As my body got used to the pleasure, I started to be able to relax into the feelings and focus on them as they get more intense. I think your body is just beginning to understand what pleasure from the prostate feels like and doesn’t know what to do with it yet. Give it time and try to relax into it whenever you start shaking. It’s definitely a milestone, and once it’s over, it starts to feel amazing!

  5. I used to have the same problem. This is totally counter-intuitive.
    You need to:
    1. ‘force’ yourself to relax (yes I know this makes little sense)
    2. breath deep and evenly
    3. your involuntaries and shaking may stop. This is normal! Do not try to trick your involuntaries to come back and see 1.
    4. continue breathing for a few more minutes
    5. with luck involuntaries will restart and you will start feeling pleasure
    6. focus on that pleasure. Phase out everything else from your mind.
    7. shaking will get stronger as the pleasure multiples it. This is the positive feedback loop you need
    8. keep the loop working by staying relax
    9. ??
    10. profit!

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