1. Stud. For sure. Get rid of the shame and it’ll get even better. God and/or evolution put it there and made it feel good for a reason. Nothing is an accident. It’s made me a better lay for the ladies and a happier man and I love it.

  2. Totally get it. I had seen previous advice to “give up” the Chase.

    So I went in with the mindset this was another training exercise to rewire things. I had zero expectations it would happen today. Just trying to enjoy and explore the process.

  3. Definitely stud. You’re owning your body, owning your pleasure. I happen to think that being this in touch with my sexuality, with my body, and with my pleasure, is manly AF regardless of whether I use this ability to be submissive, dominant, or any degree in between. Don’t let yourself believe that it’s not studworthy.

  4. Seriously this has made me a more balanced person. I feel more confident about myself, who I am and what I want. Look at it for what it is, its an experience,exploration and realization of what your body is capable of not what you are by some effd up societal standard. The more balanced you are as a man the better you will be at making the decisions that guide your life and the direction you want to go. This is how I look at it anyway!

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