How do you aless

I have only had a few o’s with the aneros but Aless is becoming a very real thing. Between (and especially after) sessions, my prostate is twitching for more attention.

I’m able to get some P-waves going but not the same O’s and “I feel like I’m cumming” feeling aless. But I think I’m pretty close.

How do you aless? Same exercises and motions as with the toy? I find that I am doing a lot more massaging (alternating the 3 muscle groups to rub my prostate), and “do nothing” isn’t nearly as effective as it is with a toy. For me it’s more of a management of contractions to trigger the P waves. Any tips to push me over the edge?



  1. Ah, got it. Yeah I’ve been able to get pretty close with just kegels as well. It’s gotten better with time and continuing to both use devices and practicing kegels without devices. I have been able to get repeated dry orgasms several times with just kegels and penile stimulation, before finally busting my nut. So I assume I’m headed in the right direction

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