Took lsd, achieved my first orgasm – a super prostate orgasm

So I’ve got first aneros 6 months ago, been doing a lot of sessions. Last week I took lsd and decided to have a session. I used aneros helix trident.

I never achieved any kind of orgasm before even tho I’ve been getting close lately. That’s why I knew lsd would help me get over the edge.

I closed my eyes, put on some meditation music and got into deep meditation. Didn’t really do anything special. Lsd allowed me to experience sensations through visuals (for example I was able to see orgasm as a shining ball of light inside space).

After I achieved first orgasm I was amazed, but then something different happened. Different body parts were starting to get unlocked, I felt energy flowing there and they were starting to shake. I took some time to get energy flowing in all body parts. I was shaking in various frequencies and felt as if I was being pulled on strings like a puppet.

Then something happened where I started visualize train station and railroad. Then I saw bright lights as if I was in a tunnel of light and felt I was aligning the “rails” of light, then super orgasm hit me and I shook like crazy. It’s hard to describe, but I felt I was channeling pure cosmic energy, or achieved nirvana. I didn’t feel myself at all. It was just energy and pleasure. Every time the peak orgasm would hit me I would again see the “light rails” aligning as if I was aligning my chackras or something. I don’t know how long I was orgasming or how many of them I had. All I know is that I saw God.



  1. Perhaps we need cocaine users (hard or soft) to chime in. Or maybe some heroin users, at the least. We’ve heard from weed users, MDMA users, Ecstasy users, etc. Each his own, mind you. Some men will do ANYTHING for a Super O.

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