Can’t not ejaculate.

I’ve been using prostate massagers for about 6 months now usually once or twice a week and also been using dildos and other insertables for many years. When using a prostate massager I squeeze and hold my pc muscles and eventually get involuntary contractions and focus on my anus and prostate and the feelings coming from them. All of that is great and feels good but I eventually just get a penile ejaculatory orgasm that isn’t much different from a traditional one. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a phase and if I keep going should I be able to over come this?


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  1. Everyone’s reaction to these toys seems to be different. I also almost always cum wet and big at the end of a session. I reach a point where it builds rapidly and I don’t have much choice (except maybe a bucket of cold water, lol). The toy just kind of takes over and forces an ejaculation… by the time I realize it’s cumming, it’s too late to avoid. But it’s much more intense than a normal penile orgasm, and is usually after like 1.5-2 hrs, during which time I’ve usually had several nice dry orgasms. So I don’t fight it; I just go with it and maximize the pleasure.

    IMO, the main thing is to enjoy the ride, and don’t focus so much on the destination. Sounds like your finish is hands-free, which many guys have trouble achieving, so you’re already a step ahead. And some ejaculation is good for your health (2-4/week according to some studies, depending on age).

    Speculating here, your reaction could be partly because your body is used to ejaculating from using other toys as well, so maybe that’s the way it’s “wired” now. If you’re intent on finishing big but dry, you might try using prostate toy most/all of the time, and end your sessions before you cum. Interested to hear more about your journey!

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