Don’t feel anything. Any advice?

So got my Helix Syn Trident last week and just had my second session. But I am not really feeling anything yet.. I know you got this list of milestones to reach for and I think I am at the point where the Aneros feels comfortably all around. I actually sometimes Don’t even feel it’s inside.. is this normal?

Anyway I tried it for about an hour. Just trying to relax, doing some kegel exercises etc. But it doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere. I am dripping some precum but that’s it. After an hour I got bored and just finished it the normal way. 😛

so howw long does it take to actually feel some form of pleasure from it? Am I doing something wrong?



  1. Don’t worry, I felt nothing too at the beginning. You only need to get used to it. Signals will come from nowhere!

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