Infrequent use, am I wasting my time or undoing process?

I got a toy late in october but I’m current in a stressful situation and I never feel in the mood. I’ve been doing kegels and stuff on the side, but even that I’ve been too distracted by work.

Best analogy I could give is it’s kind of like going to the gym and I feel really bad not working out, but I’ve just been too tired and not in the mood at all.

It might not really be pleasurable at all for me given my current mental state but should I still be doing it just for the sake of rewiring?



  1. No I think you should pause and concentrate on work until you have the time and mood for p-play.

  2. Start a meditation/yoga practice. As you become more familiar with your body, lots of re-wiring will take place. Try supplementing Lions Mane if you wanna rapidly rewire your brain for the divine pleasure of the prostate.

  3. When I get that way at the gym, I go anyway and at least do something. I generally leave feeling better about myself having gone. I usually have also managed to put the stress out of my mind for at least a little while.

    Even if it’s only ten or fifteen minutes I’d keep it up and do a short session. You may find with all your stress you can’t really focus on the Aneros and that can be when things happen!

  4. Go at your own pace, there’s a lot of pressure and folk wisdom to do your journey a specific way. I found that all that shit kept me from relaxing, because I had do to it “the right way.” Do what feels good, what you’re into, most things are best practices (good ideas, that work for most) they aren’t hard rules. I’ve never had a schedule that would allow me dedicated and regimented practice sessions. Have I gotten there yet? Nope, but I’m a hell of a lot closer than if I had done nothing.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, you don’t know what the future holds, life is short, play with your prostate.

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