1. I find that if I don’t/can’t focus on the aneros, it doesn’t have a huge impact on me. I have to be in the proper mental state for it to work its magic. So if I were to wear it at work, it would probably annoy me but not give me too many waves. Maybe a few but then I’d feel awkward.

  2. As a ER doctor it would be a change of pace to have something stuck in my ass usually it’s the patient lol

  3. I went to Costco once. It was not easy at all. I should have just walked the block by my home. I drove to Costco, walked all the way back to the cold produce room, grabbed my fruit and veg and then it occurred to me. I had to walk that whole way back and my Aneros was still in there and I hadn’t had a reaction yet. I barely made it to my car. I had to stop twice walking to the registers. I just kept pulling into an aisle and making it like I had to look intently at my phone. I had to sit there for like 10 minutes before I could drive home.

    I can’t even imagine work in that state.

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