Does p-waves count as prostate orgasm?

I’ve been a user for two years. These days I can feel series of p-waves, pleasurable like the orgasmic feeling before ejaculation… about 70% though they are very short followed by mild orgasmic feelings…. I stay like this for two hours or so…

However I don’t feel that very strong strong orgasmic feeling yet…. how can I achieve super o ? And did I achieve prostate orgasm yet ?



  1. You seem to be really close to achieving a prostate orgasm! While I was training myself to orgasm via anal stimulation, it started like that, one day I started feeling pleasure waves, every day they became more intense until one day it happened and had my first prostate orgasm (and after that one, having a prostate orgasm became as easy as having a regular one). That said, If you are not sure about it being an orgasm then it isn’t one. Prostate orgasms feel different and are more intense than a regular one but it’s still an orgasm and is clearly recognizable as that, just like you know you have had an orgasm when you climax while masturbating/having sex using your penis. BUT, you are literally almost there, just keep enjoying it 🤩

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