The Quick and Dirty Path to the Super-O

Taken from the Aneros forum, from user CaveOfMystery… With all the problems inherent to their forums, I thought this should exist outside the forum, lest it should disappear one day… Enjoy and good luck:

The purpose of this post is hopefully to help a few people who are not getting the results they hoped for with their Aneros. By no means will these techniques necessarily guarantee you a Super-O, but they may help you on your journey.

I bought my Aneros models a couple of years ago (Eupho and Helix) and during that time they were a point of curiosity but nothing more. I didn’t do a whole lot with them, and I didn’t really do deep reading on either device. The few times I used them, they provided some interesting sensations, Super-Ts, and the like, but nothing close to a Super-O. In fact I pretty much thought a Super-O was a Super-T. I did do some reading in the forums, but when I read the accounts of the Super-Os, I thought they were impossible exaggerations designed to hype an overpriced piece of plastic. Boy was I WRONG.

Recently I’ve revisited these devices with incredible results. This time I went through and read everything, the Wiki, forum posts, etc. I took note of the advice and set off to see if I could get these doohickeys to fulfill their ultimate purpose… The Super-O.

The advice out there is excellent and with it, I have indeed found the Super-O, however I did not find the Super-O by using the instructions out there exclusively. While it is important to read the more frequently cited guides, just as important is reading between the lines. What follows is some of the information I’ve stumbled on in my own journey. Hopefully it might fill in the gaps for a few people who are frustrated in their own journeys.

First up… Exercise. 90% of the journey to the Super-O can be done without the Aneros. The key is preparation, and by that I don’t mean which lube to use. Two muscles are involved in making the Aneros do its thing, your PC muscle (the one you use to stop urinating) and your anal sphincter. Before you stick anything in your butt, locate these muscles and learn how to manipulate them. Contract your anal sphincter, then your PC muscle; then back again. Alternate contracting, then two contractions of one, followed by two contractions of the other, etc. Then try contracting them both simultaneously. The final skill set to learn is to contract them in a rolling motion, where say a contraction of the anal sphincter rolls right into a contraction of the PC muscle. Think of it like a belly dancer undulating her stomach, or peddling a bike, it’s not two separate contractions; it’s one wave of motion. While mastering this exercise, you may feel a P-wave. If so, that’s a good sign.

OK now that you know where all your key muscles are, and how to manipulate them, you’re ready to put the Aneros in. Now the great lube debate has always raged, but in my personal experience the best method is the condom method. I’ve tried many other variations, but nothing else gives me the reliability and mobility of that method. But whatever method you choose, here’s what you do next.

Pop it in and wait 10 minutes. This is often mentioned and it is sound advice. However during that time I usually do a few light contractions as a “mobility check.”

Now… position. In my early experiments I used to lie on my stomach, but my revised advice would be to lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the bed. I would also recommend placing a pillow under your lower back/butt to prop yourself up. Get yourself situated, and relax. But don’t “do nothing” instead play with the device a little. Do light contractions of your anal sphincter, your PC muscle, etc. Test mobility, play… At this point you should have no particular goal other than get your bearings down there. Do the exercises you did without it in, note the sensations.

When you’re ready for something more, try this. Contract both your anal sphincter and PC muscle and hold. You needn’t do a full contraction, just somewhere between 70-80%. Continue holding, hold for about 30 seconds. Then start to slowly release the contractions. As you back off, with any luck your Aneros will be caught in a “tug-of-war” between the two muscle sets. The key is an imbalance in the muscle forces. As you let up on the dual contraction, one or both muscles will still be trying to hold on, after have been gripping for awhile the muscle will be fatigued, and as you release the grip, but not fully releasing, it will like start to flutter with exhaustion. Like a weightlifter on his last rep. These are the elusive involuntaries.

The first time you pull off this “unbalancing act” you’ll probably get some interesting sensations which will no doubt be short lived, because the first time it happens, and you feel it, you’ll naturally try and control it, and the ride stops. The trick is to back off your grip just enough to trigger the muscle imbalance, and then hold it there, that’s the only thing you need to control the hold, but it takes a little skill to manage that. After a few attempts at this you’ll get the hang of it, and the fun will truly start to begin. This is when you may start to shake, start breathing heavy, and otherwise notice new things. Your anal sphincter may also spasm at this point and pull the Aneros in, this is good. When the spasm subsides let up on it slowly and as the Aneros slides slowly down, it may trigger yet another one, this is the beginning of the Super-O.

If you can’t quite get the tension between your anal sphincter and PC muscle properly unbalanced, or you just haven’t practiced it enough, here’s a little trick to speed that along. While contracting both your anal sphincter and PC muscle, push down on the bed with one of your feet. This too will create imbalance down there and should start the Aneros doing its magic dance. I use this tip after a few Super-Os when my muscles are truly fatigued and I can’t control my muscles as precisely anymore.

Now to finish the job… When I’ve got the Aneros dancing down there and the sensations are starting to build to a fever pitch, while holding my contractions I straighten out my legs flat on the bed in a V shape and stretch as one often does when they wake up in the morning. This realigns my PC muscle and anal sphincter muscles giving them a renewed boost of strength and with that, the Super-O is almost always instant. Ride it out… But as your muscles release from all that action, and it slowly slides by the oh so special spot, it may kick off another one, or some would see that is an extension of the initial one, either way it’s loads of fun. When you become more advanced you can actually add contractions during the Super-O prolonging it.

Once that occurs, I’m in the zone. After the Super-O subsides, I bend my knees again, feet flat on the bed, and begin the tug-of-war between my anal sphincter and my PC muscle again. The dance begins, sensations build, stretch, Super-O. Another trick to pull to kick in the Super-O, while your knees are still bent and the sensations are building; rub your feet back and forth across the bed as if you were trying to build up static electricity to shock someone. The net effect is more imbalance down there, more stimulation, and when you go to stretch a greater chance of hitting Super-O land.

After a particularly intense session, my calves are shot the next day

So there you have a quick and dirty guide to attaining the Super-O. This is by no means meant to supercede any information already in existence, it’s simply the things I’ve learned along the way. Will it work for you? I don’t know, but I thought I would offer it up to those who are frustrated with their journey. This simply represents how I parsed down all the information that exists into an actionable plan that gave me awesome results. The techniques here work equally well with the Helix and Eupho.

Good luck.

P.S. There are times now when I’m doing my exercises Aneros free and I end up having have Super-Os through mere muscle flexing, no devices needed, though the ride is more fun with the device. The main thing to know is the Aneros is not a jackhammer, it’s a paintbrush designed for skillful manipulation in the “hands” of an artist. It takes finesse, creativity, and experimentation to get it working. This is just my recipe.


To those of you on the verge… I have yet another little tidbit of advice that may help you find your way along the path. At this point your brain is pretty much saying… “Hey this feels really nice, but I normally don’t receive pleasure like this, so what am I supposed to do with it?” and you lie there teetering on the edge of something great, but never hit the mark. This of course is the rewiring process, you brain has to learn that this is a perfectly viable way to get off, but it may require a little nudge.

And here’s how you can give it a little nudge… Next time you’re on the verge of something, clamp down on the Aneros (with both muscle sets) and take the tip of your index finger and LIGHTLY tickle your frenulum for about 1-2 seconds. Make it as quick as possible. If you’re just at the right spot in the session you’ll feel a shot of pleasure span from the tip of your penis to your prostate. It doesn’t matter what state of arousal your penis is in either.

Your brain goes… “Whoa, I just felt some nice traditional stimulation! I know what that is!” but then it makes a connection… “But I’m still feeling it deep inside of me, something, something is sustaining that… OK let me go with that…” It’s like that little touch turns the nerve group into a “live wire” and then it opens it up full throttle to the new stimulus. I tend to think of it as burning the candle at both ends, but when you light the one end, it automatically lights the other.

Use this trick sparingly though; you’re trying to get the prostate to do its own thing. This is just to help train the brain for the ultimate goal. Once you hit that goal, nipple stim will likely serve the same purpose. That too, as outlined many times here, can get the job done, but the effect is more subtle, at least for me it was, and didn’t fully kick in until I was “rewired.”


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  1. Hi, great post.

    I’ve reached the stage where I can attain o’s without anything in my butt and sustain them for a hour or so or as long as I like, which is sort of the issue. It’s totally hands free and although I get a lot of pre from my cock, I never achieve a release or a climax as I do when I ejaculate.

    Is there a next level where I can attain this sort of release and how can I achieve it?

  2. This is pure gold. I figured a lot of this put over the past year, but having it in one good overview is awesome!
    I had more add stronger waves while reading and trying, and if the whole family wasn’t in the house I would have probably reached my first super o.
    Thanks for sharing the post here!
    Would you mind posting the link to the original thread? I’d like to read discussion and follow ups..
    (What’s wrong with the forum? Only read the wiki and that’s good)

  3. Excited to try this out. One question: are your legs spread when you’re lying flat on your back (i.e. missionary) or together?

  4. I just received my Aneros yesterday and immediately tried it out, your guide helped me a lot, although I stupidly skipped some steps as I was already over an hour in when I got on reddit to find some advice.

    I tried the “balancing act” and after a good hour of trying, I suddenly got involuntary contractions that I believe where what you was talking about, It all got into a kinda cyclic rythm and even though It didn’t last long enough to orgasm,It was the best thing I’ve ever felt. I didn’t manage to get it a second time though, even when trying for over an hour.

    Now, Ill start to exercise my muscles down there and I’ll keep on trying.

  5. Belated thanks for this post. I’d been failing to find a good evening to try a session and when it eventually came to be last night, I’d remembered reading this post recently and dug it up again. The balancing act thing described here seemed to do the trick – not the biggest session and not quite a super-O, but a very solid session nonetheless (and the success I did have came easily, which hasn’t been my experience for a little while!).

    TY 👍♥️🤯

  6. I’m familiar with the Kegel.

    You say “contract the anal sphincter”, but I’m not clear how that’s different from the Kegel. Are you bearing down, like you’re trying to poop, to contract the anal sphincter?

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