Thank you Helix Syn

Bought an Aneros Helix a few days ago and (after escaping family) finally had a chance to play (I had a 4 day load built up). I’ve never had much luck in past attempts at a prostate orgasm, but the aneros seems to hit my spot exactly. Played for 25 mins or so (porn, nipple play, and poppers helped), then I felt the feeling build. This is about as close as I’ve gotten in the past, but tonight I kept working. Suddenly, BAM! My cock erupted on it’s own, and I felt no loss in my horniness. I rested a minute then kept going. The next waves came quicker. In all, I had about 4 great orgasms before I tapped out. Absolutely amaxing! Going to try for more than 4 next time!


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