4 comments on “Condoms

  1. Personally I don’t use condom with my aneros Progasm because it’s make with ABS plastic which is not damaged by silicon lube. But for all the other toys I use condom so cleaning is easier. Also the condom doesn’t fit the aneros shape which can make friction

  2. No, for me it interferes with the free movement of the aneros and bunches up weirdly on the nubs and curves. I’d never use a condom on these toys.

    As for cleaning I’ve never struggled with it at all maybe I have very good digestion lol. In that regard, you may benefit from douching before aneros. That way cleanup cannot possibly be easier.

  3. I find condoms help in two ways
    1) lubricated condom over an aneros keeps everything moving nicely and i never feel like it’s running dry
    2) wearing a condom on my penis lets me let go of any concerns about making a mess. even when i have prepared ahead of time in the back of my mind i still find myself thinking about a possible mess so it’s nice to have that covered (no pun intended)

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