Is this lube safe to use?

I just went to the store and picked up a cheap water based lube called “SLiquid” as far as I know aneros toys are supposed to specifically NOT be used with silicon based lubes. Should this SLiquid water based lube be good to use? It even says it uses natural ingredients or whatever because it’s some vegan based lube or something, and I didn’t see the word silicon on the bottle anywhere at all.



  1. If it’s really Sliquid brand, you should be good. Is it their anal lube variety, “sassy?” I use that.

  2. It’s fine. They have at least four lines.
    H2O is water-based (blue label)
    Sassy is water-based for anal (pink label)
    Silk is water-silicone hybrid (purple label)
    Silver is silicone-based (black label)

  3. I use sliquid H20 with aneros and njoy pure want without issue. I do want to try the sassy version which I hear is good for anal.

  4. Avoid using silicon toys with silicon-based lube and avoid using plastic toys with oil-based lube.

    Oil lubes are safe to use with silicon toys, and silicon lubes are safe to use with plastic toys.

    The Aneros syn line is silicon with a plastic core, the rest are all plastic.

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