Did I reach it?

Last night I thought fuck it, I haven’t had any progress with this in like a year, I’ll try it again. I smoked a bit of weed and stuck the aneros helix syn in, stuck an hour long porn video on and just had a go. 5 minutes in and all of a sudden my body started to twitch and I got strong tingly sensations all through my body, it felt so odd but really amazing. It last for a good 30 seconds to a minute. Was this a super-o or close?

I so want to just have another go already and try reach it again. What’s the time you’d recommend between each session? I did jerk to finish off last night which I’m not sure affects anything.

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  1. You are certainly on the path. Originally, I thought the super o was all about the prostate because that’s where the door to awakening starts, with aneros the magic key.

    And I enjoyed developing the ability to trick aneros into autofuck action, with wild legs along for the rise until intense HFO.

    Areas of my body like back and face came awake, sometimes keeping me from sleep.

    Eventually, the surprise of whole body pleasure arrived, with waves of intense tingling pleasure flowing up and down from toes to scalp, sometime shifting into spirals of pleasure circling me extending out into space.

    Welcome to the joy ride!

    I’ve seen no downside to finishing every long o session with a final jerk to close. Otherwise, I’m inclined to go for endless hours.

  2. The difference between a prostate orgasm and “super-o” is not very well defined, and really, does it matter? The main thing is that you enjoyed it. Try to let go of expectations to “achieve” this or that type or orgasm, and enjoy the ride. You may well have better results by just letting it happen.

    As for time between sessions, I’ve had two good sessions in one day before. But I usually wait a couple of days between. And if I don’t feel an HFO, and am ready to end a session, I too often finish by stroking with the toy in, which gives an amazing “combo” orgasm. You don’t have to do it every time, but I believe that ejaculating after a long build up to empty the prostate is more healthy (and enjoyable) than not doing so, and I have not found any downsides. Of course, everyone’s different so YMMV.

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