Am I going in the right direction?

So I recently bought the Aneros Helix Syn Trident (the one that had the best ratings for newbies) and I just got to try it out for the first time this morning. I do have a little experience with this kind of stuff, that being using my fingers a couple of times and some… household objects.

I ran a bath, lubed up and got it in no problem. People weren’t lying when they said once you get it in a little bit the Aneros will do the rest. I laid back and just kinda relaxed for a few mins.

After that I tried flexing my pc muscles (the one that you use to stop peeing) as well as my sphincter. Basically after about an hour and a half, I got my pc muscles to twitch a bunch. Kind of reminded me of heavy raindrops on a roof or like someone was tapping it. I tried to hold it as well as clench and release in a rhythm. At one point it did start feeling like something was building up but I just couldn’t hold strongly enough to continue.

I eventually moved to my bedroom because I was sick of the tub and laid on my bed. This time I was able to put a pillow under my back like many suggest. Again, after maybe half an hour I started to feel like something was building but again, couldn’t keep going.

What I’m basically asking here is “is this a typical enough first attempt”? I didn’t expect anything to happen so I’m not annoyed at all. I’m not going to claim that it doesn’t work after like 2 and a half hours of use. What I’m wondering is did I use it right? Is there anything I can do to better increase my chances of success when I’m not using it? Should I keep going just like this to slowly build up my proficiency with it?


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  1. You are on the right track. Your first time results are typical and we’re similar to mine. Keep it up. It gets better each time.

  2. Agreed, you’re definitely on the right track, its just adjusting to using it. If it’s any help, when I first started using my aneros I just got used to inserting in and the feeling as I bated. Over time Ive learned to clench and use my muscles so it hits the spot as I bate and switch between that and my hand.

    I still haven’t cum from Aneros alone but the orgasm with it in as your ass clenches and pulls it onto you prostate is awesome and definitely more intense than just my hand alone.

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