I’m not sure what just happened

Ive used the helix syn less than 5 times in the past 6 months.
Each time I would get those waves that roll over like a hot flash or something. Idk how to explain them, but it gets your attention and you go “ahh, okay” followed by a big smile, as if I know this could work, but eventually my prostate seems to get numb to everything and I just call it quits from there.

Today I tried again and like before, the waves came but this time, out of no where my entire body crushed itself into almost a u shape and it felt like I had involuntarily clinched every muscle so hard that the helix syn was pushed completely out.
My brain felt like it was disconnected from everything in those few moments.

After regaining conciousness, I realized it was still in and then, after another minute or so, another body crushing muscles spasm happened.

After that it just seemed difficult to continue with the contractions, due to lack of muscle control and I gave in and finished normally.

Was this the thing that everyone tries to achieve with every session ?
Does it sound like a hands free orgasm ?

It wasn’t as satisfying as a normal one, but maybe I just experienced the beginning of something that could be way better.

I appreciate any input from you guys.

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  1. Great experience of you
    I think the problem for many of us is that we are focusing too much about what does happen and what it can (or could) be.
    If your body did react that strongly, it means you were very close to something very BIG.
    Instead of thinking “Waou… what can it be… Am I there?” you should just LET IT GO, stop thinking and let you body drive you to where it wants.
    The less we think about a goal, the best it is 😌🙏.

  2. So I’m 2/2 in the last few sessions. I had a similar experience this time, except it was a little more intense.
    Another thing I noticed that I’m curious about is, I seem to only be able to reach the spasm/every muscles in my body clinches phase one time, but its not like when you finish normally and aren’t ready to go again for a few minutes or so, I still have the drive, but can’t seem to get there again.

    I’ve read that you should be able skip the refractory period and that seems to be what happens, but again, I can’t seem to reach the next phase and I hear that there longer it goes the better it gets.

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