Having trouble with involuntaries

Hello all, I’ve been trying to use my aneros toys for quite some time now (a number of months) and have yet to get any consistent form of involuntary contractions, I was hoping to see if I could reach out and get as many methods as possible for triggering them before I have my next session, does anybody have any ideas for me? I’ve tried rhythmic clenching into relaxing, which just stops, no involuntary contractions, same thing with rhythmic into light tension, it causes a trembling feeling briefly, but I can’t maintain this and it doesn’t really feel like anything ‘inside’, I only feel it on the muscle that is trembling.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/ffnisc/having_trouble_with_involuntaries/


  1. Try squeezing the aneros for as long as you can hold it. Then relax, maybe that can help.

  2. What’s works for me is weed and Hypnanerosession.mp3. I have a puff and then lay back with headphones on. It’s fantastic. The mp3 will set you back $20 but I highly recommend it.

  3. What initially helped involuntaries start for me was nipple play. But that in and of itself, takes some time to get used to. Also make sure you’re well lubed

  4. Ok so this works for me but not sure.
    The main trick is to lie on back and put legs In a v shape like a frog. For some reason when I clench in this position it immediately triggers involuntries .

  5. You might find some useful information in this article. Also, try listening to rhythmic trance music, and even doing kegels to the beats sometimes! There is a ton of it free on YouTube. Maybe even start with a guided relaxation, or mindfulness, video to get yourself totally in the right mindset!


    If all else fails, try the NJoy Pure Wand instead of the Arenos. A much better tool for the job for everyone imo!

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