Aneros Session Video Highlights

I filmed a lengthy session with my MGX last night with several dry orgasms. The video link is a compilation of short clips of three of the orgasms from the session. What model should I use for my next session: MGX, Helix Syn, Helix Trident, or Progasm Jr.? Comments are welcomed.



  1. I would like to request Helix Trident

    Btw I want to ask, what your hand doing down there? And what is the white object near your MGX?

  2. Is that the MGX Trident Syn? I understand it’s stupid to compare one’s experience to another person but I have very similar stuff happen to me (involuntary dick twitching, pleasurable sensations, etc) but it never really feels like I’m having an orgasm. The sensations either don’t seem to cross a certain threshold of intensity, or my muscles and brain can’t seem to sustain the rhythm. Did you experience something similar before you reached the point where you could have dry O’s?

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