How many sessions until it started to feel good for you

I’m not an amateur to prostate play (Njoy pure wand, dildos). I just got an aneros helix trident. I felt like I did everything right. I didnt masturbate for a few days prior. I relaxed myself. I used it for about 40 minutes (using my “stop pee” muscles, both quick in and out. And also holding and then relaxing)

I just didnt feel any pressure on my prostate at all. How many times until people get good at it?


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  1. I do two sessions a week and they last about 1h30 to 2 hours, usually with the Aneros Trident. For me, the fifth session was the one where I had the best sexual pleasure of my life. Two hours of orgasms one after the other.
    After that, there were more or less successful sessions. Sometimes incredible pleasure and sometimes not much. Then I reached a new level during the 50th session. The orgasms were even better. Yesterday, I reached another level during my 74th session…
    It’s a bit like learning to play a musical instrument, the improvement is endless

  2. Took me about 3 months (maybe 1-2 sessions per week) before I started getting what I would call pleasurable feelings. However that doesn’t mean I wasn’t feeling new sensations or interesting reactions in my body, that started after a few sessions. Its been many years so I can say how many exactly.

    After about 6 months is when I had my first real super-o. With intense full body spasms/shaking and hands free wet orgasm. Since then the journey has been an ever increasing and changing experience but always enjoyable.

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