Help me choose an aneros

Ive had progasm ice which I’ve lost. I have a trident eupho which i cant get access to because isolation. So I’d need a new one.

Ive been considering trident helix, Trident maximus or progasm jr (as I couldn’t get ice to move much, but when I achieved it once before losing it gosh it moved)

I also have an issue with the k tab on the eupho being far too low compared to what I remember with my old progasm, so I’m a bit worried the other trident line would have this issue.

I need help choosing one.
Thank you kindly.



  1. It’s both easy and hard to answer your question…
    I have 5 different models, 4 from Aneros (Helix Trident, Eupho Trident, Progasm Jr and MGX Trident) and one from Malesation (Ultra P-Spot Massager). My preference varies in time, with probably a small advantage for the Helix Trident which remains a sure value!
    What I have noticed is that, once the prostate rewiring was completed, any model gave me very good orgasms.

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