4 comments on “Cold/shivers after a session?

  1. That’s happened with me a few times. Not uncommon. Sounds like you’re making progress. đź‘Ť

  2. I sometimes instead have shivers during a session. Usually it’s sound my thighs, I always thought it was just me getting cold or something because nothing ever came of it. I’ve also had the feeling almost like my hands were starting to fall asleep so I have no idea.

  3. This is part of the rewire. I went through this. Got so cold that I couldn’t focus on sessions. You can put a blanket on when knees up and on your back or cover up when laying in the prone position. Just pay attention not to let the blankets disturb your cock. This helped me. I was able to stay warm and not get distracted.

    I no longer have this problem. It was a phase.

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