suggestions in first steps

So I’m doing the kegels for a few weeks now. I use a aneros helix syn a couple of times a week and…nothing interesthing is happening. And like I read in some posts here…be patient.

However I wanted to ask what my first guideline is in the beginning. Do I do nothing with it inside of me and try to focus on relaxation en relaxing my pelvic muscles, letting peristaltic waves do the work or do I activaly do pelvic excercices to get things going?

Second question :

Does arrousal start with a sensations of the aneros or must I be arroused to get the sensations?



  1. Okay, so I read a few posts now that answer the question of doing it actively or doing nothing.

  2. For arousal, everyone is different but here’s what I do.

    While going about regular life do your kegels. But not as An exercise but more of a building up pressure and arousal. Excite your prostate. Do some light holds for a while and get that tingle. Search up aless. You want to have mini aless sessions.

    Do more and more of this in the couple hours leading to a session. Get your prostate woke. When it comes time to put the aneros in, your prostate will be begging for it.

    I then browse some porn for the first 20mins and start to get comfortable and feel things. Then I put the phone down and focus.

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