1. I started with the Helix and found its magic atypical for a while, and then wonderfully super-o typical.

    I heard the Eupho criticized as too small, but find it to he most tantalizingly playful.

    I found the Progasm too large and immobile, until I opened up to it.

    After coming to enjoy the variety, I added MGX and SGX to the mix. Whenever a session seems ready, I mix it up. Wonders never cease.

  2. It is hard deciding on which to buy. All I know is I tend to like the hard plastic versions so you can lube it up with whatever I like. I hate water based lubes so I stay away from the silicon versions of the Aneros toys.

    I have a Helix Classic now. Learning a lot with it. Was thinking of getting a Progasm and Eupho Tridend next to make a nice round collection.

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