How much time do you need?

This morning I had about an hour to play. I was pretty horny. I put in my progasm. It normally takes me about 40mins or so to hit the first orgasm.

It was 8am when I started. I had a video conference at 9. I maybe wasted the first 20mins stressing about the time but I made myself relax. I set an alarm for 8:50.

8:30: I had be feeling decent pleasure all the long but right around 8:30 I got the feeling of the progasm rubbing my prostate back and forth. Stroking it.

8:35: I got a feeling of leaking precum, which doesn’t always mean leaning precum. But this felt like a stream. Not squirts like normal but a stream of cum. Oh it was so good. I looked down and I was leaking a lot, not the stream I felt but a steady drip.

8:40: things started to get intense. I was getting full body jolts. I rode one and intensified it by jollting along with my body and boom. Nice orgasm. Wasn’t super strong but Wow it felt great.

8:45: I sat there panting big deep breaths. Feeling more buzz, I decided to stretch my legs out in a v as far as I could stretch them (like you do when you wake up), and boom another orgasm.

8:50: I’m laying there panting again, my cock is soaked and super hard and my alarm goes off. I hit snooze (9mins) and then spent the next few mins stressing that I had to go to work. I closed my eyes and…..

8:58: another more powerful orgasm. Felt I was close to ejaculating (I typically cum on the 3rd or 4th orgasm), but I didn’t. I needed more. I wanted to ride it more, but the alarm was going off and I had to go to work.

How long does it take you. This is pretty normal for me. About 45mins or so until I start to orgasm. However sometimes it can be up to 2hrs, but never shorter than 45



  1. it varies for me. sometimes i have had some o’s in as soon as 20 mins… then other times, i get nowhere in 2 hrs.

    in the 20 min sesh, i had 4 o’s. 2 wet and 2 dry, it was awesome.

  2. Did you make it to the online conference? Thanks for the story, it might not work for me with a deadline on time, but I can try next time.

  3. I usually start having orgasms in the first 20 minutes.They get more and more intense and then they don’t stop coming for the next sixty or ninety minutes. They last for several minutes with a few seconds of calm before they start again. They are also more and more intense until the end of the session.

  4. I am at the point where I start getting p-waves and dry orgasms within a few minutes of starting. However, if I don’t think I have an hour or so of alone time to indulge I don’t usually start. I like knowing that I have nothing to worry about that will cut my sessions short and I can just melt into the pleasure for a long time.

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